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This is the first contest I will have participated in.
My game will be a crossover dungeon/detective game written in ICE with the fitting name: Dungeon Detective.
Your are a detective who is assigned to recapture an escaped criminal who appears to still be hiding in the dungeon. To find him, you must find tools to help you find clues, get keys to unlock doors, and avoid spikes that will injure you and give him time to get away.
If you die or don't find him in time, you lose. If you find him, you win.
Eye candy:

Here is what I have done:
    Levels - 5%
    Game Mechanics - 90%
    Sprites - 100%
    UI - 75%
    Documentation - 0%
    Code - 1%
So, how's it coming along? Or is school slowing you down as well...
I'm still working on sprites (very slowly b/c of school)
If you need any help with sprites, I'd be glad to help! I haven't got much to do until someone answers my Tilemap issues...
I am now working on a full tilemap.
I will post more screenshots when I am done.
Oh wow, I really like the sprites in this game. Did you make those all yourself?
The sprites looks awesome! Nice work Smile.
Actually, the base for a lot of these sprites is open game art.
This is a bunch of different sprite packs mixed which I edited a LOT in Photoshop to look good together, a couple of my own sprites (Footprints, Detective (not shown), keys), and a few stock images which I converted into 8-bit sprites.
Thanks, though.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to finish this game by the contest deadline. I will continue to work on it, though.
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