Is there any way to use the mini USB port as an IO port?
I want to communicate with older models of Ti calculators
There has been a bit of work on a serial library for the CE which can be found here:

As far as linking with older calcs it might take a bit of work - is there any specific objective you are trying to achieve? Is it in general or for a specific program?
In general, I want to have an I/O port or a way to get the I/O port on my TI-84+ CE
Drill a hole in it.
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Drill a hole in it.

Alternatively you could just download one.

All kidding aside, the motherboard of the TI-84 Plus CE is not at all the same as the old TI-84 Plus calculators. Therefor there's no place for you to just solder on an I/O port. The only ways to get an I/O port would be to create your own USB to I/O adapter (which would still require knowing how USB works) or do some pointless serious hardware modifications since the calculator would have no idea how to handle the new port meaning you'd have to create a custom OS, which any calculator running OS 5.3.1 or newer rejects.

Really, it's just better if you learn how USB works. Wink
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