I've been trying to get programs to work on my ti-89 titanium for a while now, but all of the programs (which are in assembly) just say "Done"(which is what happens when the program ends) when I type there name in the home which an open & close parenthesis after it.

▪program()      Done

Anyone know what could cause this?
The most common cause of that behaviour is trying to run a "kernel"-based program without having installed a kernel. Be it on the 89T or the older models, the only proper kernel is PreOS, now at version 1.0.7 (or maybe 1.0.8 ?).
Which programs are you trying to make work on your 89T ? If they're sufficiently old and/or badly written, they will fail royally and crash your calculator, erasing RAM contents upon reboot. For old "kernel"-based programs, if a "HW2" version is available, you really want to use that instead of the original version Smile
Many programs do not require a "kernel".
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