When I download the Mac version (the .dms file) I always try to open it with the unarchiver to extract it contents. When doing this, I get an error message saying the process couldn't be completed. Do I need to extract it contents though? Also I did rename the file, but nothing changes.
Did I say to use an unarchiver to open it? It's not a dmg file. Come on man. Follow the directions. Where on Earth are you downloading convcsv from.
Sorry, I am terrible at this. I got the download from here:
Here is a video of what exactly I am doing:
Safari is trash and adds a .dms extension to unknown file extension downloads. I told you to rename it to convcsv, not to rename it to convcsv.dms
I used Chrome this time and it worked. Thanks for the help from everyone and being patient with me. Thank goodness it finally worked...
Nice work! Is there anything in particular that you're working on, or just testing stuff at the moment?
I was working on a sci fi futuristic style game before realizing my tileset was a bit too large Sad. I'm not going to give up on the project though, but I might put it aside for a while while I work on my first ever Cemetech Contest entry! (not sure what that will be as of yet...)
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