I am currently working on some [semi-secret] projects that would highly benifit from becoming a library.
In this topic I hope to learn the ins and outs of making a C library in eZ80 Assembly.
My interpretations and reverse-engineering of how, and subsequently taught how they are ridiculous and I should do X instead of Y. This is all a part of the learning process.
Yes this means you, Mateo ;P

I understand for the most part how function arguments work, but how would one tell if the result should be in HL or A, or something else entirely?
Also does self-modifying-code work the same as in a program?

I will post more of my questions as I stumble upon them.

char = A
int = UHL
long = EUHL

SMC works fine in libraries.
How would I handle dependencies to other libraries in my library?
See how fontlibc does it. Essentially you just add a simple include_library macro.
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