CalcMeister wrote:
mr womp womp wrote:
Not quite a calculator meme, but I haven't learnt enough maths to understand this one. Could someone explain the following dank meme pls

*massive image*
It's called a surreal meme. They are supposed to be extremely bizarre and sometimes a bit disturbing. A popular haven for these meme formats is r/SurrealMemes. Common meme formats include the use of Meme Man, Orang, Pillar, Vegetal, and Long Tea. An extensive memetic history of surreal memes can be found here.

Okay so I had a look at the page, and there are some quality memes on there. Turns out, the formula might in fact be pulled out of nowhere and have no significance. It apprears that "Tell isis" memes are a thing and I was simply not aware of them. There is an entire knowyourmeme page dedicated to it, therefore, it checks out. I guess qazz42 now takes the upper hand when it comes to being a surreal memelord. Evil or Very Mad
When you accidentally type git doff instead of git diff while committing your latest changes:
How 'bout this?
Here is some trash that I've been accumulating from the web. Needs to be part of the repertoire.

Read as "When MateoC tells you to read the docs"

This kind of thing actually happens surprisingly often in lego instructions Razz
That has to be photoshopped...
Michael2_3B wrote:
That has to be photoshopped...

It definitely is not, I've seen it a few times with my own physical manuals. There has also been at least one time where a block was rendered as partially inside another, for whatever reason

Here is some proof.
I thought of this and found it funny, so I made it.

Sorta a meme.

Introducing OS 5.6
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