Hi, I've been trying to create a custom function grapher in ez80 assembly. My problem arises when intentional errors are ignored by the program, such as dividing by 0. Here's the current code:


#include "ti84pce.inc"

   .org UserMem-2
   .db tExtTok,tAsm84CeCmp
   ld   hl, errCatch
   call   _PushErrorHandler
   ld   hl, y1Name
   call   _VarNameToOP1HL
   call   _ParseInp
   call   _CkOP1Real
   jr   z, store
   call   _PopErrorHandler
        call   _OP1Set1
        call   _StoY

   call   _StoY
   call   _PopErrorHandler
   call   _CleanAll

   .db      EquObj, tVarEqu, tY1, 0

For example, when Y1 = 1 / (10 - X), X = 10, and Y = 5, Y remains 5 and no error is thrown by the system.

The most recent documentation I've been able to find is for the Ti-83 Plus here: sdk83pguide. While there is a section on error handlers, it is hard to understand for beginners.

Any help would be appreciated understanding error handlers and how to install custom ones. Thanks.
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