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I have not :O I do wish there were more details in the shadows but 🤷‍♂️
Is there any specific reason that the pictures are showing up as little icons?
Shot this with my Canon t4i. Almost seems surreal to me how beautifully the sunlight shines on the rock face. This is at Yosemite
That looks absolutely amazing! Very Happy
Yosemite is 100% gorgeous. I need to get off my butt and go visit it again.

img1 by Nikky, on Flickr

img2 by Nikky, on Flickr

img3 by Nikky, on Flickr

img4 by Nikky, on Flickr
Looks awesome! Those are beautiful pictures! Very Happy
Those first two photos, especially the first one, looks like they should be from Area 51 Razz

Scouted a location for a photoshoot on Tuesday, did the shoot on Wednesday. Photos came out pretty good! I admit that I photoshopped this one slightly. I blew out a few highlights in the rocks so I ended up addressing that with some light compositing. It's sorta noticeable and I didn't do every blown highlight, just the more glaring ones.

This was a candid shot between more structured shots but it's easily my favorite shot of the day. I haven't even edited the others. Haha.

Flowers by Alex Glanville, on Flickr
That looks beautiful! I love the perspective you used while composing the image Very Happy
Here is a pretty great photo of me from a rave that I went to on Saturday! I didn't take the photo buy the guy who did, Manny Dan , is pretty cool!

Ignore my atrocious pose >.<
You got enough beads on your wrists? Razz

Looks like you had fun!
Alex wrote:
Flowers by Alex Glanville, on Flickr

I've tried portraits a few times, but I am having a hard time working with people for my photography, and I like my landscape shots much, much more than anything with people in it. Having said that, I really like your shot, especially the composition. I wouldn't have consciously noticed the highlights on the rocks without you mentioning them, but they are a nice touch and definitely add to the image. I would, however, like to see a version of this shot with less contrast in the background. The way all this light and shadow play is mixing behind your model distracts from the composition, and there is no place to "rest" your eyes. I would either attempt significantly increasing the blur, depending on your lens that might add a beautiful bokeh effect; or I would try decreasing the intensity of the shadows. I am unsure how the latter might work, perhaps you'd need some advanced lighting directed at the trees, or attempt another composite image (which, by the way, I do not think disqualifies a photograph as "proper". A composite image is just a way of combining multiple aspects of a scene into one image).
Iíll see what I can do, I thought it was low contrast but Iíll go lower and see how it looks.

I honestly hate shooting people as well, Iím not a people person and donít like posing people, though Iím getting better. It helps to photograph friends who you can be comfortable around. I can get fix her hair, move her hands, etc etc.

I shot this at 35mm f/1.4, but want to do it again with my 85mm f/1.8. The added focal distance will help compress the background and blur it more. And yeah, I wouldnít purposely take two photos and composite it and pass it off as a photo. Iíd post in the Photoshop thread at that point. I made the exception here because the subject and scene are still one photo (I just took parts of it and fixed the rocks), but I wouldnít put the subject in a new scene and call it a photograph. I like to point out when I composite because I hate it when other photographers edit their shots with other elements and still call it a photograph; I never take a photo into photoshop unless I have composite/creative ideas beyond Lightroom.

Iím looking forward to seeing the results if you ever photograph people
Nice picture Pieman! Very Happy
Its been a while, so I decided I might as well post some of my recent pictures.

Found this Bachelors Button on a hike:

Took apart an old computer and decided to take a few macro photos:

All taken on an iPhone 7.
Sorry for the gigantic pics
I can't wait to go back to California honestly!

This was taken on Venice Beach. I edited it to make the crash of the waves stand out a lot more.

And these were taken off the side of the road, somewhere along Highway 1 but I'm not actually sure exactly where. Edited to make the colors pop more, which I always like as long as it's never overdone.

I am also in the process of setting up a print shop with a few of these photos and other ones Very Happy I am not sure about advertising it here though.
I'm excited to see that you're still going through photos from your trip, looking forward to seeing more!

Give me some heads up next time you'll be around the SF Bay Area and I'll take some time off work! Smile Or heck, even LA or something; a road trip is always good Wink
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