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Has anyone noticed how the calculator just resets when you press the 'run' button after compiling? I have lost many a program to this (and also due to not backing up Rolling Eyes ).
That may be a problem with your program that the compiler didn't (read: can't) catch, which means that it's your program that's the issue.
Well, I've made quite a few ICE programs already and it's happened to practically all of them. That's why I wasn't sure.
Can I see one of your programs? Just to see if I could help.
Ok here's the link to my latest:
(Just made an account for the first time so excuse me if I made any mistakes)
I was hoping you would've provided the source instead of the compiled program. I can't just read assembly and know what you were talking about. Razz
Sorry, I thought that was the source... Rolling Eyes I think I don't have the original for that one anymore so I'll just add a different file instead (a test I made that also crashes the calc).
Do the files crash when you save and then run them using the OS, or only when you press the Run button?

If it also crashes with the OS, it's probably an issue with your code.
It only happens when I use the run button. Other than that they work fine.
Trying building the latest unreleased build from here: https://github.com/PeterTillema/ICE
If that doesn't work, try running a self-test of your calc by opening the mode menu and pressing [alpha], [ln]
I just download the latest version of ICE from git. I was compiling Xenon in the compiler then said I had too many variables. I only had 93 variables Wink .

Why is there a max number of variables a developer can have?
Does have to do with space or a bug?
The max number of variables is a result of the fact that variables use the ix (or is was it iy?) register with an offset. The commands that use ix/iy can have an offset of -128 to 127 bytes, for a total range of 256 bytes. Variables are 3 bytes long, so that means there can only be floor(256 / 3) = 85 variables in a program. So, it's not really a bug or a space limitation, just a limitation of the system used for indexing variables.

You could try porting the program to an actual language like C, reusing variable names, and replacing constants with literal values.
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