Here's a rough preview version:

And on the IRC side:

Code can be found here.
I plan on rewriting basically all of that, to use the nspire io library for the user interface and a new version of the serial library which supports multiple devices and async transfers.

This works by connecting the CE to a FTDI serial adapter, and connecting the serial adapter to a Raspberry Pi. The Pi sends any line of input it receives to #cemetech, and formats all IRC messages it receives into a readable format and sends them to the CE directly. All the CE does is print exactly what it receives from the serial adapter to the screen, like a dumb terminal. If 2nd is pressed, the CE sends a prerecorded message to the Pi to be forwarded to IRC.
Although the CE is more of a terminal for output, this is still piquing my geek interest!

Well done, looks very cool!
what irc client is this?
I wrote it myself. It's the least sophisticated client the world has ever seen - I basically use the Python irc package to detect incoming privmsgs and pubmsgs, then format and print them to stdout the way that you see. On another thread, I read lines from stdin, send them to #cemetech, and print the messages to stdout in the same format. I start the entire thing up by connecting the serial adapter to an actual computer and starting the program within bash, then unplugging the adapter and connecting it to the calc. You can technically type /quit to exit, but the program running on-calc is incapable of doing that.

EDIT: I am a complete and total spoon - obviously you were talking about the client I was running on the computer. I use IRCcloud, which is an IRC client that runs in your web browser. It also lets you log in on mobile at the same time with the same username, which is neat.
nice table
thank you
Bit of a necro-update here - I've done basically the same thing in a completely different way. There's no video this time, so take a screenshot of an IRC log:

This time, rather than just using the CE as a terminal, I'm actually doing basically everything from Ethernet up on calc. I've connected to an ethernet adapter over USB, and I've ported the networking stack lwIP to the CE. I then wrote an IRC "client" on top of it to make sure it's working.

I put "client" in quotes since it doesn't actually allow you to send arbitrary messages by typing them on the calc. It sends one preset test message to #flood if you press alpha, displays any messages received on the screen, and can relay raw IRC commands sent to it in PMs. It would be trivial but time-consuming to put a proper user interface on it, so if anyone else wants to do so, feel free.

The main project page for Nanotube, my networking library.
Source code for nanotube and the IRC demo.
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