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How about some positivity? Post why your life is great!
This a good idea. I guess Iíll go.

Summer vacation. Isnít that enough? Oh, and Iíve been working on my Spanish too, and July 4th is coming up. But I havenít been working much on DR1VE, unfortunately...

Anyway, great topic idea, hopefully this will introduce some much-needed positivity into the site and help people appreciate the good in their lives.
I like this idea, even though I never read the other thread (would rather read this one instead Wink).

I've been living in a great house and great neighborhood for just over a year and we're still here, and I'm getting to take it easy and enjoy summer and Independence Day in the US, along with several fun activities.

The summer is great. Depending on where you are no more winter coats.

Of course I am excited for the fourth of July and I will be watching fireworks.
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