I installed KhiCas on my casio prizm fx-cg50. I've mostly figured out how to use it, but I am still confused about a few things.

1. Pressing "exit" alternates between two independent screens, one that says "Xcas RAD session" on the top and one that says "Xcas session - 1/1" on the top. They behave almost identically, except the first one has only black text and the function keys are algb, calc, view, cmds, A<>a, and File, and the second has color-coded text and the function keys are tests, loops, misc, cmds, A<>a, and File. There might also be more differences I haven't noticed, but what are those two different screens meant to be used for?

2. I can't seem to get the calculators clipboard to work in KhiCas. In "Xcas RAD session," I am completely unable to copy-paste because it seems like the copy button doubles as another paste button for some reason. I can copy-paste within "Xcas session - 1/1," but it seems to function independently of the rest of the calculator, so I can't copy something in, do some work on it, then copy it back out to use the native functionality again.

3. Opening any other application after I use KhiCas takes a really long time. It seems like almost a minute. From my understanding of the OS, applications are terminated not when the user switches to the main menu (which seems to be handled by the keyboard handler) but when the user opens the next application. What could KhiCas possibly have done to make it so hard to clean up?
For 3., could it be partially caused by the fact that KhiCAS is a large application ?
As I wrote in the other topic (but I missed your reply and I forgot that you were the poster), Bernard Parisse struggled to shoehorn the code onto the fx-CG50, he had to cut the functionality down in significant ways in order to cope with the fx-CG 50 OS's limitation of 2 MB for an application...
There's no such issue in the Prime (built-in derivative of giac) or the Nspire series (Bernard Parisse's first target for KhiCAS), whose OS doesn't impose such a restriction - well, with higher-end hardware, TI and HP don't have to.
I just looked at the files on my calculator. KhiCas is my biggest application at a little over 2MB and Physium is my second biggest at about 1.8MB.

I don't think KhiCas's performance issues are because of the size because it opens almost instantly and I don't experience the issue with Physium, which is almost as big.
Alright. Object construction and destruction / memory allocation and de-allocation, then ?
So Physium doesn't load everything into memory at once but KhiCas does? Because of this, a bunch of time has to be spent getting rid of all of KhiCas's data? That makes sense, but it doesn't explain how it starts almost instantly. Also, wouldn't the memory have to be really low speed for it to take that long? Like 266.67 kilobits per second slow?
KhiCAS just magically disappeared from my calculator. Restoring the binary from my backup did not bring it back. I downloaded a fresh copy and loaded that onto my calculator, and it worked. Interestingly, this also fixed issue number 3. I noticed that the sha256 of the new file and the sha256 of the old one were different, suggesting that I had a corrupted executable that somehow still ran but was then noticed the next time the calculator scanned for addins. I was originally trying to reinstall the corrupted file, which is why it wasn't working until I got a fresh file. Because it was installed at some point, I'm assuming that my first download was OK and it somehow got corrupted while already on the calculator. Is there any reasonable way that it could have happened?
When you leave KhiCAS, it saves the current session. This can take some time, especially the first time you save a session, and if your flash storage has many files and not much room left.
Note that you leave KhiCAS when you start a new application from the main menu, not when you press the MENU key.
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