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I'm trying to find out the exact font TI used on the CE's keypad. I found their downloadable font that you can use in Word and applications like that, however it gives you an entire token of a key such as "[zoom]" when you press the 'q' key rather than giving you the letter "q". I've also found many sources that give me the font used in the CE's software, but that's not what I'm looking for.

tl;dr Does anyone know what font TI used on the keypad?
Not sure if you want the font for the physical keypad or for the letters inside the downloadable font, but I'll give both.

The physical keypad is set in Neue Helvetica 75 Bold.
The letters within the characters of the downloadable font are in Microsoft Sans Serif.
I was looking for the font on the physical keypad and what you provided looks perfect, thanks! It's a shame it costs $35, who knew fonts were so expensive?
I have a few questions:
1. How on Earth did you know that?
2. Any idea why TI decided on that font rather than a free font?
What the hell are you talking about, a $35 fee?

Neue Helvetica 75 Bold: https://www.download-free-fonts.com/details/77672/neue-helvetica-75-bold
TheLastMillennial wrote:

1. How on Earth did you know that?
2. Any idea why TI decided on that font rather than a free font?

1. I do a bit of graphic design as a hobby and got acquainted with the Arial-like ("neo-grotesque") fonts.
2. I think I got a little too specific with the font name, but it is essentially Helvetica Neue Bold, which is available to use on Mac Notes, Google Docs, or with Mateo's link. Helvetica (slightly different from Arial) in its various forms is everywhere if you look for it. Its been used on previous TI calculators as well (82,83), just in all caps.
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