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Sadly it seems like Maker Faire is in jeopardy due to financial struggles 😞

I came here to post this very same thing (Hackaday article about the topic). I'm concerned that we may not have a World Maker Fairer to attend for the 8th year in a row this year!
Ugh Sad now how will we have out yearly cemetech meetup sponsored by something other then us.
I heard about this this morning! What a shame, it was such a nice event. I did hear that they were planning on keeping the licensing program, does someone know if the Maker Faire in NY is independently organized and licensed? If that's the case, then our yearly event isn't in jeopardy...
I always got the feeling that the main event was the one in Bay Area, and that the one in NY was just a side-gig, but I have no clue.
Unfortunately, the Bay Area and New York Maker Faires are the only two that were run by the organization itself; all the rest were franchises. Here's hoping that they run the World Maker Faire in NYC this year anyway, but I'm pessimistic. As geekboy said, we definitely need to find a way to have an annual Cemetech meetup anyway.
Oh no! This is pretty sad... I'm glad that I was able to make it one year at least Smile
KermMartian wrote:
As geekboy said, we definitely need to find a way to have an annual Cemetech meetup anyway.

Definitely. For those who live all over the place, its really the only time that we meet up. The cool thing about Maker Faire is that we all cleared our schedules to make it happen. This year would have been the first year that I could get the 3$ mojitos because of your wacky american laws Laughing
Wow, this is definitely a shock. It wouldn't be so much of a shock if they announced they'd be closed be EoY, it'd be sad sure, but it's shocking that they're halting operations and laying off staff so suddenly rather than gradually.

I've been to the last 3-4 maker faire's here in the Bay Area and there was no hint of troubles. I guess it's a good thing, as they strived to provide the best experience they could.
A VC bonfire gutters and dies. The nigh-endless queue of questionable VC-backed offerings advances one step.
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