I'm trying to make a menu in c , to open my program (.8xp) in my ti 83 ce

In ti basic , this is "asm(prgm x)" , what the equivalent in c ???
There isn't one because it would destroy the already running program.
To expand on this, due to the way that ez80 assembly works, in most cases the position in memory that a program runs from has to be known when the program is made. TI-OS copies all assembly programs to the same place when they are being run. In order for you to run a program from inside another program, you would need to copy the program you are trying to run into the position that your program is currently occupying. This is obviously bad if you want to continue running your program after exiting the other one.

As far as I can tell, there is no pure C way to avoid this. In assembly, you could probably find an unused position in memory and copy into it code that runs the second program, then copies your original program back into the space, then returns. Then, you could just call that code to reload your program. This would effectively reset the value of all variables, though, so I don't recommend it.

EDIT: Which program are you trying to run? It might be possible to include it in your launcher program, rather than trying to launch an external program.
It depends what this is for - are you making your own shell or launcher etc? Or are you looking to run some kind of library code?

We might need a little more information about your project to help.
thanks for the responses ,

well , I created a lot of image (50 and more are coming) with "gfx_fullscreen_titledimage" (I'm french and pass my exam in a few day) so I wanted to organize them in a menu , the TI-BASIC Menu work fine but is ugly Wink , I want to share my program with my fellow french comrades so I want something good , you see ? "A masterpiece of sophistication and technology" Very Happy
So I wanted to create one with c , I guess one solution is to copy the code from gfx_fullscreen_titledimage , but I would run out of memory , right ?

I think , I will just make a TI-BASIC menu , it's much easier
You could probably store your images in an appvar, and then have one program load the images from that appvar and then show a menu which allows you to select which image you want to see.
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