I am making this forum because I will not only let you guys know what I am working on (if you even cared), but it will be another motivation for me to not give up on any projects that I post in this forum.

So, if you want, you can post what you are working on, but I will use this forum to post about my projects, also.

I also would like you to reply if you would want to download any of my future games. ie pong, stacker, fidget spinner game.

So this is what I am working on:

Ti-Basic currently working on:
Updating my Clicker Hero Program and making it compatible with the CE.

My queue for ti-basic:
A first person adventure fighting game, where you upgrade your stuff and get better at fighting.

ASM currently working on:
Updating my Pong program and adding two player mode, and acceleration mode.

ASM queue:
Stacker with different modes
Fidget Spinner Game

If you have any suggestions for anything that I listed, then you can post them in the replies down below.

I will post every time I get decent progress in any of my programs. Smile

And please feel free to download any of my projects. I will be more than happy to get a review on my programs to make them as good as they can be. Thanks. Cool Cool Cool
Me: TI-Basic for CE
-- A patch for my RPN calculator. /shrug
I have a suggestion. Rather than a Fidget Spinner game, do a Fidget Cube game. Fidget spinners are so two years ago, there is much more demand and interest in Fidget Cubes. You may not have noticed, but Fidget Cubes can do many more things than a fidget spinner (spun, clicked, bopped, twisted, etc). I can imagine hours of entertainment out of a fidget cube game.
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