I had the same problem when testing the game as part of the process of writing a ticalc.org news item about it, but I forgot to report the issue. Sorry.
YKitty2004 wrote:
AngryBlackSheep wrote:
I have played the game, and on CEmu it will save progress, but on my real TI-84 CE it will delete all progress after I quit the game and open it again. Is there something that I am doing wrong or is this a bug maybe?

I have the same problem! Do you know if it has been amended? thanks

Well, it seems like the last update to the game was when he also uploaded it to the archives, looking at github. And looking at his cemetech account, the above message was also his last one on cemetech, more than a year ago. So the project probably has to be continued by someone else, or be left alone...
Although except for not saving progress, the game works good as it is now.
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