I found this awesome calculator at goodwill, but I can't really find what it is on the internet

My Chemistry teacher had a calculator close to that in high school. It was probably made around the ti-55. I found a link to a blog that has ti-BAs. Here it is: http://mathcs.albion.edu/~mbollman/BusCalcs.html

EDIT: I also found another website with this calcuator. http://www.datamath.org/Sci/MAJESTIC/Business-Analyst.htm

I hope that helps. Smile
Yep, it appears to be a TI Business Analyst (although I didn’t actually know about that calc before looking it up on datamath), pretty cool stuff.
That's really cool, the brochure is nice. Glad that people are archiving this history.

My brother got a TI-84+ for $10 about 8 years ago from a goodwill type store, bargain!
That is an awesome looking calculator! Very Happy

I think older calculators are really cool. Especially the 70s and 80s scientific/financial calcs.
I noticed that the TI-BA's manual basically had some econ problem sets in it Laughing

15 canoes!
That's funny. If my school finds out about this, then they are going to ban ALL ti-calculators. Right now, my school has the ti-92,ti-89,ti-nspire, and the science department has the ti-84 plus CE and the ti-84PCSE banned. I hope they don't see this.
School banned calculators?
tr1p1ea wrote:
School banned calculators?

Yah. My school is really picky about every atom of technology that is in our school. My school computers have almost every website restricted, even google, and a lot of educational websites. Google translate, maps, images, and any google extension is also restricted. They are also very picky about calculators. My calculus teacher told me the reason why they are so strict, is because they want us to learn it ourselves, and not have technology do the work for us. But my reply was "when we are working in real life, our boss won't make us write out entire derivative problems. He will just want to get the answer, so that the business can make the money." And her reply was "yah". That just made me so mad. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
Looks like a nifty calculator to me. If I remember correctly, that one has a hexadecimal display
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