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I have recently been working on a port of the old Hoyle Puzzle Game, Star Collector.


Here is the original:

Here is the version for the CE:

Hope you like it!

EDIT: I updated the screenshot to include the latest features
I have fixed most of the bugs and will be releasing it soon
That looks pretty cool, though I have never heard of this game. I bet this game will get a lot of downloads, just because of how cool it looks.
This looks like a really fun game! I'll most definitely be downloading it once you release it. I might not get around to playing it until after finals though. Smile
I've never played this game before but your port looks very good. Keep up the great progress!
Can you try utilizing convPNG's alpha argument to get the transparent effect shown in the real game? Apparently this isn't possible, not only would an actual implementation of this be super slow, the alpha thing doesn't work that way.
UPDATE: I have uploaded the game to the archives.
EDIT: The file has been accepted
Nice. I am going to try it out right now and give you feedback once I play it for a short bit. Smile
Looks very faithful to the original thus far, nice work.
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