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Looking really good! I hope to use this soon!
Keep up the good work!

After much hair-pulling and head banging, a beta/alpha of this program is out for testing.
As of now, only the File Options menu works... within which only Attribute Tracking/Updating works.

The objective of this test release is to verify that the system for recording/unrecording and updating File attributes works without error. Soon, I'll push an update that adds snapshot capabilities.
As with all beta software, there's risk of data loss so please take care to preserve files and, if possible, run on an emulator.

The most recent update can be found at: http://clrhome.org/blastav/downloads.php
Look under "Latest Beta, Executable Only" and click the download link for BLASTFIS.8xp.
Update Again
New Release: http://clrhome.org/blastav/downloads.php (Latest Beta, Executable Only (6 from top))

Snapshot functionality added to the beta release. You can access different aspects of this functionality from both the Program Options and the Snapshots menu.

From within Program Options, you can Create or Update a snapshot. This occurs here because the ability to do so is directly tied to the indexing of the files on the calculator.

From within the Snapshot menu, you can Restore or Delete a snapshot, as well as view the name, type, and size of the snapshot. This occurs here because this menu (and the functions it presents) are tied to the indexing of the snapshots database, not the indexing of the files on the calculator, and the snapshots database may contain things the file index does not. Just note that there is no output of running either a restore or delete (although you will know when a snapshot is deleted because all the stat fields on top zero out). Especially for restoring a snapshot, you won't know it happens but it does. I aim to have some form of confirmation for this soon.

I also added the ability to re-index the file list from anywhere by pressing the Stats key.
I decided to try this out and it's pretty neat! The indexing is very slow though, there needs to be a faster way to index (or just skip the index) all my 300+ files. It also froze on me. It did its index thing and I was scrolling through all the listed files, I got to file ICECOLOR and it just stopped scrolling and froze forcing me to RAM reset. This happened twice, both times at ICECOLOR.
Other than that this is a pretty cool project. I like your GUI and he snapshot feature could be quite useful for de-breaking my programs. Razz
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