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Hello Cemetech Users. I was wondering what you can do with an appvar in ICE, which things you can store in one and how many. For example, in Geometry Dash a whole level was stored in an appvar. Until now I have only stored lists in an appvar, but I would be interested in what you can use an appvar for. Graphing Calculator
Anything you want. Appvars can be up to 64KiB in size each.
Wait, wait, wait. Does this mean that you can even store whole programs in an appvar? Confused
It's literally like any other file. Keep whatever raw data you want in there in whatever format you want, even in your own formats.
Wow, okay. Can I also store a list and a string in the same appvar?
Sure. You can store any arbitrary data in whatever format you want.
Like I said, any binary data. There is no distinction between lists and strings with appvars, it just depends on how you read and write.
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Sure. You can store any arbitrary data in whatever format you want.

And how would I do that. Sorry for all the asking, I just think it's cool. I now have a lot of ideas about games that I might still be able to program.
Take a look at the ICE documentation here under the File I/O section

The big problem is that I'm German and I don't understand most of the documentation and don't find what I'm looking for. For example, I don't understand what Offset and Origin are for sum(10,OFFSET,ORIGIN,SLOT) and unfortunately this is not explained in the documentation.
The File I/O API in ICE is very similar to that in C.

Link Here to fseek (C) documentation
In general, the term “origin” in this context typically means a starting position, while “offset” is a distance forward or backward from that starting position at which to perform an operation.
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