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Hi Guys!

So I need a calculator, preferably one with a Computer Algebra System. The two main calculators I am considering the TI-Nspire CX and the TI-Nspire CX CAS. I have heard that you can flash the CAS software onto the CX Non-CAS. Is there any major difference between a TI-Nspire CX with the CAS flashed onto it vs the normal Nspire CX CAS. I have also seen some II versions of these calculators so if you could shed some light on that I'd love it.

On older hardware (and boot1) revisions of the Nspire CX series, yes, technically, one can run the CAS OS on the model sold as non-CAS. There are some tutorials for doing that, just make sure not to rely on improper tutorials from dead sites Smile

However, with the impending launch of the CX II series, which has a faster processor (though not more RAM or Flash, sadly), you should probably just buy a CX II CAS calculator, even if it's more expensive, and even if nobody knows when native code will be accessible on that new platform (it depends on multiple factors).
AFAWCT, TI pretends that they'll stop updating the CX I OS immediately, without even backporting newer features such as the TI-Basic graphical commands which the Nspire series has always lacked, and which users have been eagerly waiting for 12 years !
On the CX I, users have been making fast graphical games using native code using pure software rendering (so even if the CX II proved not to have hardware acceleration either, the more powerful CPU would slightly speed up something which should already be fast in the first place), and as I wrote, the CX II doesn't have more RAM or Flash than the CX I has, so we can think of no good technical reason for TI giving up on the CX I so early...
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