Hello everyone!

Here at Cemetech, we've always been dedicated to hacking calculators and, in general, making cool things. For years, we've met this goal despite Texas Instruments' incooperative actions. From the GCN to the CE C SDK, Cemetech's dedicated community has always created amazing projects and have quite generously shared them with us. To those dedicated users, we thank you. Without you guys, Cemetech would be nowhere. At the same time, Cemetech has been the home of powerful technologies that benefit our community such as Doors CS or Sourcecoder. To this, nothing has changed but it may soon. With calculator companies building tighter and tighter restrictions, it has become much, much harder to do what we love to do and to teach it to our newbie members. Companies like Casio and HP have tightened restrictions and there seems no end to their tyranny. Even Numworks, the once-angelic open-source calculator startup has turned to horrible DRM techniques. What can we do? Well, you don't have to do anything. Today, we are announcing a wonderful new partnership with a former foe. Though we have had our differences before, their vision for the future now aligns with ours. Starting today, we are officially working together with Texas Instruments. Yep, you heard that right. We are partnering with TI. As such, we're implementing many changes in association with them. These changes will come over time over a year but some are due soon. Firstly, we will soon be moving to TI's site backend, meaning our favorite cemetech.net will become more modern with a whole new look and new features. We are also going to be merging IRC, SAX, and Discord into one existing solution. Soon, Cemetech conversation will happen on our very own Google Wave server. Look forward to these site updates before back-to-school this year. We have many other changes coming, some of which we aren't ready to discuss but there is one big thing I'd like to announce. Cemetech, in association with TI, is now the official provider of SDKs for TI calculators. Starting in June, we will be releasing the first beta for the Nspire CX II calculator series. This SDK will allow games and applications to be built in quite a few languages, including Lua, Python, C++, Swift, and Java. We will even be adding educational block programming capability. This means there's no excuse to start calculator programming Smile With the release of the 83 Premium CE Edition Python, we will also be releasing a lite version of this SDK for the 8X PCE calculators. Anyone can now develop apps with dynamic UIs and impressive games for both platforms as well as the PC/iPad Nspire software with just one codebase. We will also be providing the official emulators for TI software, meaning an appropriate version of the student software will be free for calculator owners. Finally, I'd like to close out by saying that we are working with TI to open up TI-OS for modification. Thank you for your contribution through these many years and make sure to look forward for more, for the future, for Cemetech 2020 and beyond.
Wow, that's great! Though I don't understand how you got such a voice in what TI calcs does, could you please explain how you managed to create such a partnership?
Careful what you believe on April 1st.
ACagliano wrote:
Careful what you believe on April 1st.
Yeah, I just realized that. I let my guard down apparently Rolling Eyes
TheLastMillennial wrote:
ACagliano wrote:
Careful what you believe on April 1st.
Yeah, I just realized that. I let my guard down apparently Rolling Eyes

lol this should really happen though Razz
Official SDKs for TI calculators should indeed happen, at least if they don't suck. The official TI-68k SDK from 15+ years ago was bad in multiple areas, the TI-Z80 SDK was quite a bit incomplete as well, etc.
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