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Your first website frightens me. Welcome to Cemetech Smile
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Your first website frightens me. Welcome to Cemetech Smile

don't you love the transitioning bg?
Hey everyone! I only really have programmed in TI-BASIC, but given that I am getting my fourth TI calculator (a TI-89) soon I figured I should stop lurking and actually sign up on the TI sites I frequent. So I'm here now and I hope to learn ASM and C soon.

I couldn't figure out how to weave this in with my post, so here are my calculators that I own at the moment listed in the order that I've received them: TI-85, TI-82, TI-84+ CE, TI-89 (on the way)

I'm Gideon and I'm 15 years old. I joined this website oct 17th in 2018(157 days ago today), but never really introduced myself. I'm from the Netherlands, and have 0 experience in coding. I bought a ti 84 ce-t instead of the school recommended Casio fx-CG50 because I read online it had a way bigger community around it. So, naturally, I downloaded a load of games from this website, played them, and then had the idea to make an account. I haven't been very active, however I did play on the Minecraft server for a little while. I'm not sure how often I'll be online on the forum as I'm not a coder, but maybe I'll find some time to learn basic and write a little game. Blackjack is on the wishlist for example, as that's what I think is missing from the games on the 84+CE.
Hello. My name is George Mansoor. just found this site helping my daughter with her TI 84 CE Plus.
Hello All! I've been around the forum for a couple days, mostly looking for some help, but this seems to be a pretty cool community, so I figure that part of the process of settling in would be an introduction.

Not too terribly much to address I suppose, but I'm a hobbyist programmer (like most people here) with experience programming in Pyhon and C/C++. I'm pretty passionate about FOSS software and have in the past year or two finally settled into using Linux as my dedicated OS. Right now my biggest interests are Computer Graphics and Machine Learning (but I only have a superficial knowledge of either), and Electronics. I'm planning on learning assembly through z80 and this community, and hopefully investigating HDLs like Verilog.

Overall I'm just excited to work with others on development rn. I love learning and helping (with what little knowledge I have) and want to do the most of both possible.

Thanks for existing Smile
Hello. I do a lot of programming in my free time, mostly C# and python. I started calculator programming last year after shortly after I got a ti-84 plus ce for school.

I came to this website to post my first major project : https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15665
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