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Hey guys. Joined here a few days ago. Only programming experience I have is Ti-Basic. I am in the process of learning what all the commands do. This is my First forum to join.
I am relatively new to calculator programming and am getting into this as my main hobby. The previous languages I have worked in are python2.7, python3, c, c++, and website developing.

I have a website that I coded myself and it's terrible: https://izder456.github.io/wah (please allow sound to be output from this site in site settings)

I have a personal website I made with google sites:

My OS of choice is either Ubuntu, Fedora, or macOS.

I have a Ti-81, although the screen is broke, Ti-82, Ti-83+, Ti-84+SE, Ti-73, Ti-84+CE, Voyage 200 (my main calc).

I am currently working on an analog clock for Ti-68ks. See here: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15537&highlight=

I am looking forward to meeting all y'all on this lovely forum.
Your first website frightens me. Welcome to Cemetech Smile
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Your first website frightens me. Welcome to Cemetech Smile

don't you love the transitioning bg?
Hey everyone! I only really have programmed in TI-BASIC, but given that I am getting my fourth TI calculator (a TI-89) soon I figured I should stop lurking and actually sign up on the TI sites I frequent. So I'm here now and I hope to learn ASM and C soon.

I couldn't figure out how to weave this in with my post, so here are my calculators that I own at the moment listed in the order that I've received them: TI-85, TI-82, TI-84+ CE, TI-89 (on the way)
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