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So I have a version with a new upgrade: Auto Control. It'll smartly keep your reactor 100F below either the RodMaxTemp or ReactorMaxTemp, whichever is lower. It can also be toggled on and off too.

I'll release that soon, I'm also making yet another feature where you can set the temperature at which the Auto Control should hold at. It shouldn't let you bypass the the max temp. I'll also need a fast text input routine; I made one before but they had If statements for each and every possible key. This should only accept numbers, and maybe a negative sign. Should I just do it the If statement way, or are there other routines/ options I should consider?
I got the text input done, I'm working on the hold at a temperature feature. Part of me wants to let the user set it, part of me wants to just hold at FuelRodReplacementTemp-100. What option do you guys prefer?
I got the temp hold feature done, it will now hold at your selected temp-100, for quicker adjustments, should you turn off the coolant boost pumps. This also assumes that since you have bought auto control, that you have upgraded the coolant to the point where your control rods can be set to 1% with a net decrease in temperature...

Anything else to add?

Also, should I ship a program to update the save file from 1.4.x to 1.6.x?
1.1.x Users: umm... too many features have been added... I might be able to...
If anyone is wondering why there is no release yet, I'm stress-testing the temp hold feature. The hold screen is the best/ the most GUI'ed part of the entire thing...
Fun game! It might be cool to have a backdrop to draw the text on. I made a quick example of what it might look like here:

I like the idea, but with just a text-based system, there's already so many features that the entire screen gets filled up, and graphics in BASIC are usually slow, so maybe I might do something in the ICE version, if I can figure a way to store numbers like 100 and 8,192,000,000 in the same Appvar (I think this is obvious, but I just don't remember...)

Temp Hold might be released soon, I just need to update the readme and maybe the screens, but I'll probably keep pics a surprise...
Uploaded V1.6.0, the Auto Control Version to the Archives, waiting for it to be accepted...

EDIT: Accepted!!! Check it out!
SM84CE wrote:
Uploaded V1.6.0, the Auto Control Version to the Archives, waiting for it to be accepted...

EDIT: Accepted!!! Check it out!

Give me feedback!!! (please)
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