Hi everyone, I installed Prizoop on my Casio fx-CG50 calculator along with Grand Theft Auto 2 and Pokémon Red but all I get is an error message that says that says "No save file in system". Is there anything that I am doing wrong? I put in the prizoop.g3a file along with the roms but that is all I get, and it won't load the game.

You managed to run Grand Theft Auto 2?

Replying for those who come to this topic who also experience this issue, since the post is from almost three years ago. The fix is actually quite simple.
The error "No save file in system" is caused when your .gbz file name is longer than 12 characters.
Just make the name less than 12 characters long, like: "PokemonRed" which is 10 characters long and so this error should be resolved.

Hope this helps,
Does anyone get the problem with most .gbz files on Prizoop, causing the screen to glitch out when loading most - including GTA2 - (but not all) ROMs? Thanks
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