Happy Birthday!
amazonka wrote:
Happy Birthday!
Thank you, Amazonka!
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Amazing CAKE
I've looked at this several times since you first posted it, and each time I look at it I'm amazed not just how it came out, but the fact that you made it properly out of variable-width characters, with colors to boot. Thank you for putting in that effort on my behalf; that means a lot to me. Smile
Michael2_3B wrote:
SGFwcHkgQmlydGhkYXkgS2VybSE= = Happy Birthday Kerm!
Thank you, Michael! The QR code embedding was a clever one. I just wish I had a calculator program to decode it. Wink
mr womp womp & iPhoenix wrote:
Clever codes
Thank you for the thoughtful wishes that I'm sure are embedded! I'm afraid I haven't successfully solved these yet, but I'm enjoying the challenge. Very Happy
Happy belated birthday, Kerm! I hope you had a wonderful day, preferably doing train related activities Smile
JamesV wrote:
Happy belated birthday, Kerm! I hope you had a wonderful day, preferably doing train related activities Smile
I was going to say that I sadly didn't get to take the train, but that's not true! I took New Jersey Transit, the Newark Airport AirTrain, and the Dallas-Fort Worth AirTrain along my journey to Texas for a conference, so there were trains! The more train-y bits were the three-day cross-country Amtrak journey shortly afterwards. Thanks for the kind wishes, James. Smile
Happy Birthday, Kerm!
Happy b-day! You should eat a train (or calc) shaped cake Razz
Happy birthday to you, Kerm!
Ladies and gentlemen,

It's that time of the year again, our well-known admin and founder of Cemetech KermMartian is celebrating his birthday again! I don't know exactly his age, but I guess it's around the 26? Anyway, I hope you will have a great birthday, filled with cake, trains and of course sleepy students Razz

Merry birthday Kerm!
I'm definitely one of those sleepy students... Zzzzz
Happy Birthday Kerm!!!

It's a pleasure being here on Cemetech, and I am indescribably grateful for its existence Smile
Without this site I would not have learned nearly as much as I have about programming, in various languages.
Thank you!
Happy birthday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJIL01UgCVQ

Hope you had a very nice day Smile
Happy Birthday Kerm!!!!
I really love this site, and all you have done to help make calculators a better tool everyone!
Happy birthday Kerm.

I haven't been messing around on Cemetech for very long, but the experience thus far has made me wish I joined sooner in my calculator coding career, so thanks. And here's to another year.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday Kerm!! Remember that sleep is less important than programming Razz

How old are you though?
Happy Birthday, Kerm!
Happy birthday to everyone's favorite long boy!

Happy birthday Kerm! Feeling older yet?

Here's to another year of having such an awesome place to share projects and learn more about coding

See, I remember back in the day in which calculator screens were all black and white and we had to count every singleclock cycle if we wanted our program to run at all and when we got tiling to work it was a major victory and we all wantedto share our brand new tilemapping routine and on and on and so on and so forth ... we had to ... and ... had to track bullets using the stack! ... bitmasking, you had to ... ports and ... set 3 to... then we could sign our own OSes... then we used Calcsys... zzz... huh... what? You were still reading this? Wow. You're really dedicated to this, aren'tcha? Where'd all the time go anyhow?
Happy Birthday!

Also probably my first post on here in a long time. You should feel honored (or something) Smile.
Thanks so much for all the kind birthday wishes, everyone! It's an honor to know you all, and I'm glad to have played a small part in bringing this wonderful community together. I count most of my best and very good friends from among our past or current userbase, and I'm thrilled to see what you all have added to our ranks. I am indeed honored by each and every one of your thoughtful wishes.

There was work, delicious non-lie cake, tasty food, presents, and more work, in roughly that order. There were trains in the form of subway travel, at least, so I guess all is well. Smile
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