So I was told to make a forum post about some art that I had mentioned in my introduction. I originally planned to just upload some examples from my computer, as that's where some of them are stored, but
I found out that I can't upload them as an image. So instead, I will leave a link to an open Instagram account where all of the paintings are presented:


The art I make is mostly nature scenes that I have either created by myself, or that I have created based on some pre-existing work, such as a Bob Ross painting. There are also some examples of "carpet art," which is basically something I created in carpet at my local hardware store. Feel free to ask me any questions, and I'll try to respond to them. Have a great day!
You know you can take screenshots of your calculator screen right? Evil or Very Mad
I did not, but I do now. Thank you for sharing!
Wow, these are crazy!
Thanks, _iPhoenix_!
You should help with graphics design Razz How long does it take to make these? They seem like great backgrounds for BASIC games and stuff!!
It can take anywhere between five minutes for me to upload a photo to a calculator and photograph it all the way up to around four hours. On average I spend around two hours on each painting.
Wow these look great!

Perhaps you could release a calculator art collection - I'm not sure there is a dedicated section for art (graphics yes) ... perhaps that is something that could be looked into.
A calculator art collection sounds interesting! I'll have to look into it. Thanks, triplea.
I saw your Emil Carlsen ship and immediately thought of the Burning Ship fractal.

This is good stuff!!
The Burning Ship fractal looks awesome, I'll have to read more about it. Thanks, Weregoose!
Wow, I'm... blown away, amazing work! Surprised
Thank you, TheLastMillennial!
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