I recently created a web app called TINotes for managing and viewing notes in TI calculators.

Here's the link if you want to try it out: https://alienkevin.github.io/TINotes/

You can basically create files and folders on my website. All notes will be permanently preserved locally in your browser's localStorage folder so you can always close and reopen the website without worry of losing data. All data is stored locally on your machine and there isn't a server, so I have absolutely no access to your information. After you write all the notes, a TI-BASIC script containing them will be generated. You can then download and compile the script and load it into your calculator. TINotes support both monochrome and color calculators. For more details, please refer to the GitHub page. It's my first time posting a project on this forum so feel free to post any suggestions and recommendations.

Demo 1: Basic Usage

Demo 2: Step-by-step instructions

Demo 3: All folders and files are stored locally. Refreshing/closing and reopening will not discard data.

Demo 4: Notes navigation in the calculator, showing how you can navigate back and forth both in the folder system and within individual files

Well this is pretty neato Smile I like the easy to use interface on the web side. Do you have any future plans for this? You might want to consider uploading it to the archives here as well. Welcome to Cemetech too; but I imagine you have probably been lurking for a while Razz
Hi, thank you for your reply. I plan to do many future improvements:
1. Fix note editor (it is currently very clunky)
2. Be able to move back to parent folder in TI calculator when viewing the notes
3. A more comprehensive and extensive user guide
4. Create an equation storage functionality for users to enter custom values every time they want to do a calculation
I'm willing to listen to people's feedback and make whatever bug fixes or improvements as necessary.
As for uploading my program to the archives, I'm not sure how because my program is just a website where anyone can go to: https://alienkevin.github.io/TINotes/. All my updates will appear immediately on this website because it's connected to my GitHub repository. If you want to see and use my source code, you are welcome to go to my GitHub page and fork my project. Any collaborations are also welcomed.
Looks very slick and easy to use + I like the idea a lot Smile.

I believe there are some custom note 'viewers' for the CE - or at least in the works. Had you thought about formats other than in a TI-BASIC program? Just thinking about a proper document viewer on calc that could support text formatting, images etc.
This is actually really cool! I love the interface and it is really easy to use.

I was able to transfer the script to my calculator (CEmu) as well, only I had to change some of the symbols to be able to export from sourcecoder. (Like the sto-> arrow, <=, >=, !=) Nonetheless, great work on all this!
Thank you both for your suggestions.
@tr1p1ea I sadly only know how to write TI-BASIC but would be happy to look for some more advanced note viewers written in assembly to make it work better. The only reason why I use TI-BASIC is that I can generate dynamic script files easily. I usually work with high-level languages like Javascript so TI-BASIC is my only option.
@Michael2_3B I will add an option for different script formats in the future. By the way, your work on BasicNoteCE is awesome. The current biggest issue with TINotes is that it can only display uppercase characters because lowercase tokens like " and ", " or ", " not ", "sin(" has unexpected lengths in the TI-BASIC string. They mess up my display format on the calculator and hide some portions of the strings. Can you think of any ways to solve that? Also, so strings like "shopping" are automatically translated into "shopπng"? Do you know any ways to "escape" the symbols? My current solution is to require all texts be in uppercase which doesn't look that great but has a good side effect of saving space.
First off, this is an amazing idea. Most ti text editors are hard to use because you must type them in on-calc. I did notice that although "pi" looks like "π" in the editor, it shows up as "pi" on your calculator. You will need to just get rid of the formatting in the online editor. Hope this project turns out!
alienk wrote:
" and ", " or ", " not ", "sin(" has unexpected lengths in the TI-BASIC string. They mess up my display format on the calculator and hide some portions of the strings. Can you think of any ways to solve that?

I'm sure there is a way, I just can't think of one right now. Have you tried programming those tokens in by adding special cases for them?

alienk wrote:
Also, so strings like "shopping" are automatically translated into "shopπng"? Do you know any ways to "escape" the symbols?

The way to escape that is to put a backslash \ in between the letters, so instead of pi you would do p\i
Looks nice Smile

The first thing I looked at is how you generated the 8xp file, but actually you don't Razz

What I did for TI-Planet's "zText" online tool (also client-side only) is using the emscripten'ed version of tivars_lib_cpp so that I can make the 8xp file directly from the TI-Basic source - you could probably use that as well if you want to.
For our thing, we use an external viewer (well, there are two available depending on the settings you choose first) that's already built, so we just tokenize the user things.

Demo: https://ti-planet.github.io/zText/
Source: https://github.com/TI-Planet/zText
Source of tivars_lib_cpp: https://github.com/adriweb/tivars_lib_cpp
@Michael2_3B the single slash works perfectly for me. Now I can use lowercase letters in the notes. Very Happy
@Adriweb I'd love to incorporate that into TINotes, but can you explain to me how to generate the 8xp file? The documentation on GitHub is a bit short. Thanks.
TINotes has a new release
Try it out here without installation: https://alienkevin.github.io/TINotes/

List of improvements:

1. Smoother user experience

2. Can move back to parent folder in the calculator, meaning TINotes provides a theoretically unlimited depth folder system. See here on how to navigation in the calculator.

3. Can export TI-BASIC script in both SourceCoder format and native format (for TI Connect CE)

4. Display file and folder sizes in bits

5. Improved note editor, no more clunky behavior Smile

6. Can insert special symbols like greek letters, square root sign, etc. easily using a "" + symbol name. See here for a full list of symbols supported.

7. More detailed documentation

Please feel free to post any suggestions or feature requests.
TINotes New Release 2.0!!!
Try it out online: https://alienkevin.github.io/TINotes/

New Features:
A new equation editor for TI! You can now enter any custom equations and TINotes can auto-detect all variables and solve for them!

You don't need to memorize equations anymore, TINotes handily list all variables in the calculator when you select your equation and ask for input values. In addition, you can write a short description for each variable so you can always remember what each of them means and include any units as needed.

Furthermore, you can easily enter symbols by either typing their names (like sqrt, pi, ...) or just use the on-screen-keyboard. TINotes offers all greek letters and many major functions (like exponential, factorial, ...) supported by TI-84.

TINotes currently does not support solving for variables under sqare root, log, ln, or any trig functions but you can always type them yourself (this is due to the limitation of the
CAS libraries in JS). TINotes also supports subscripts notation so common variable names in Physics or Chemistry like Fg (force gravity), vf (final velocity), v0 (initial velocity), Kc (equilibrium constant), etc. can be entered by typing an underscore between the normal script and subscript, like F_g, v_f, etc. You can also define constants easily in the variable equation inputs.

See here for more detailed usages.

I can't wait to hear feedback from you guys and I hope that my website can bring some convenience to TI users. I will continue to fix bugs and please comment here or file an issue on GitHub if you find a bug or want to suggest improvements. Also, if you like TINotes, please star my GitHub repository here.
Wow! This is shaping up very nicely - the equation editor is a nice touch indeed.
Thanks. If you have any suggestions or find any bugs, please tell me. I'm also happy to help if the software doesn't make sense. Razz
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