Where can I get a comprehensive manual for this seemingly powerful and diverse calculator?

I have the Getting Started with the TI-Nsipre Handheld manual (eng/fr) but it does not teach me/tell me how to use the features like the "Amortization table" or how to enter data into the matrix reduced row eschelon form after I select it from menu...

Will I need a TI engineering degree to use every function....
I hope to learn at least 75% of these powerful machines capabilities... Your life may someday depend on me knowing how to use this.

PS, 35 years ago I would write programs on a Commodore 64 PET in long hand basic, for fun. My 'programs' were saved to a magnetic cassette tape deck... now I don't spend so much of my time on such folly. I build stuff. I am a fabricator and an inventor.
Have you tried doing a Google search. There are loads of manuals for the TI Nspire. Just select the ones that are for your particular calculator.

There is also a TI-Nspire for Dummies book that can be downloaded. The book is 387 pages, so that should contain a lot of what you’re looking for.
Thanks for the suggestion dave1707.
I did make a purchase from TI (rechargeable battery for $5) and an email confirmation had this link to the TI knowledge base:


I have found the "for dummies" books to be tedious, more than watching Sal Khan for a quick tip and he wants to beat the subject to death. But I'll check it out. Thanks.

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