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During my scarce free time, I made a simple DVD screensaver. (Took me almost a week to make with my schedule )
Turns out if I just did some simple bouncing code, then the DVD icon would hit a corner every few seconds, which of course is not acceptable! I need to keep people on their toes so I added a randomizer that will make the DVD icon hit the corner a lot less of the time!

I've also added a small Easter egg when you press [enter]!

Download it here!
cool beans, can the program play my dvd too? do you have an adapter for that, dvd to calculator?

edit: if you couldn't tell, i'm joking Razz
anyways can't wait to try it out!
I can't wait to see it! Love the gif!
[url]Download it here![/url][/quote]

is that a placeholder or a troll? There's no URL...
Erm, I totally didn't forget to put in the most important part of the [url] tags. Laughing
Anyways, I've fixed the link!

Edit: I didn't even see Michael2_3B's post! But no, it can't play a DVD Laughing, Iambian was making a video converter though. Sadly, I think he stopped developing it. Sad
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Sadly, I think he stopped developing it. Sad

Um no he finished it.
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