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I recently got into modding for 1.12.2, and followed a tutorial on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDhiRTZ_vnoX4bx_BJccGV7MjpXUfVJSn). Anyone have tips, tricks, etc? I will definitely have questions that I post now and then...

At the time of writing, I got up to #12, and I want to add more, but can't seem to find any thorough tutorials that explain everything clearly in a way that I can reproduce later on.
I also want to make things with IC2 (IndustrialCraft2) integration, but I don't know how to declare IC2 as a dependency. It says to modify the build.gradle file, but I don't know where to put the additions...
Anyone here mod? If so, with what? I just need to know if anyone here has modded for IC2...
The reason is because the API documentation is either crap, or I can't find it.

There are also no other examples of using any functions in the API, so I'm literally left with finding things for myself, or decompiling other mods to see how they do things...
I've also found some MC functions that still have their obfuscated name, and the new forge replaces them with their deobfuscated name. Anyone know where I could find the deobfuscated equivalent?
I mostly mod MCP base edits and bukkit plugins, though I also use the yarn mappings for the 1.14 snapshots. I've never messed with IC2 because I like to stay close to the vanilla game.

MCP allows you to deobsfucate a Minecraft jar, you might want to look into that. For debugging, there should be mappings available in the download somewhere.
How would I make a chest- like block? Do I need to make a BlockCustomChest class in my blocks package? What to extend? what to implement? If anyone knows of a good tutorial that covers that, it would be helpful

I want to add a filing cabinet, and if that works, a coaxium-powered fusion thingy (or a furnace...)
anyone? Or is there just no good tutorial online?
I would look at the source code for other mods. I don't have much experience with Forge, but from the one time I tried I can tell you that there is very little documentation anywhere.
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