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Introducing the Black Market 2.0
So cheap, it's almost illegal

The Black Market is a place for players to set up shops to trade goods!

Located entirely underground, you can check us out by hopping through the first portal on the left just south of the nether spawn.


  • You can buy a plot by contacting users "icybeckacrafter" or "_iPhoenix_" in-game or on discord.
  • Plot prices are listed on a sign inside unsold plots.
  • Maximum 5 plots per player, but users can share plots or sell their plots (see below)
  • You can build and place shops within your plot, and can place signs on the walls of your plot that overhang into the path.
  • You own the 5 blocks in height currently dug out, plus 5 blocks downwards and 2 blocks upwards.
  • If you own adjacent plots, you can connect them with a tunnel that does not disturb the path.
  • You can sell your plot to another player, but please notify either me (_iPhoenix_) or icybeckacrafter.
  • Your shop must be completely lit up.
  • If you wish to abandon your plot, please notify either me (_iPhoenix_) or icybeckacrafter so that your plot can be reused. We are sad to see you go Crying
  • We cannot offer refunds, unfortunately.
  • Moving your plot is ok, as long as the prices and sizes are consistent. To upgrade your plot, just pay the difference between the plot prices.
  • All other server rules apply (duh). Just because we have a cool name implying that we are illegal does not mean that we are illegal or condone anything breaking the rules.
  • These rules are subject to change at any time.
Sounds cool, I'm kinda new to this shop idea... Also, my dad said I could go on a server over summer... (looks like I have to make myself a Mojang account...)

iirc, it's 1.13, right? Also, what is the price units for this plot? I'd gladly give 1k dirt Razz
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