De2290 wrote:
Sorry for being a grammar schutzstaffel... but could you make your post anymore cringy? This is a community for mature people, so please don't make a post like that, it gives me epileptic nightmares about.... minecraft *shudders

Edit: Sorry if I made you feel unwelcome.

be nice.
mr womp womp wrote:
De2290 wrote:
Sorry for being a grammar schutzstaffel... but could you make your post anymore cringy? This is a community for mature people, so please don't make a post like that, it gives me epileptic nightmares about.... minecraft *shudders

Edit: Sorry if I made you feel unwelcome.

be nice.

HAHA Just Joking

I'm sorry, its just that I hate when people have bad grammar and spelling.
Hello everyone,

I'm Alexandre from France, and I've created an account on this forum because I've recently gotten my hands on a TI-89 calculator that I need for my engineer's studies; I've done a semester on the TI-82 I had in high school and it really lags behind what you need in this context.
The problem is that I don't have the slightest idea about how to use most of the new functions I have, and that's why I created an account on this forum. I could ask other people, but the atmosphere is highly competitive and most of my friends study other things, so it's not an ideal solution.

Have a nice day everyone!
Hey everyone! I'm just starting to learn Ti-Basic, but I plan to learn (a bit of?) Java, Python, ICE, and maybe C++. Btw, did anyone make an updated Ti-84 version of Learn TI-83 Plus Assembly In 28 Days? I would really help many people.
I've had my Ti-84 +CE for about a year, but I only really started to get into Ti-Basic about a day ago. There was a period this summer (July-Augustish) that I wanted to learn some programming, but it's fizzled out. This time, I really want to delve into programming and stick to it.
Also, what are sprites and what does SAX mean?
I'm making a program to program a Phone Number Translator ( I've been wondering - is there a way to assign a number to multiple alphabets at once and sent it into a String and then assign each letter to a number. After that, when the user inputs a phone number (ex: 610-GET-FOOD), the program will automatically change the letters to numbers (610-438-3663)?
Learn TI 83 Plus ASM (which is z80 ASM) in 28 days is, as far as I know, completely compatible with the monochrome TI 84s. If you're referring to the CE, then that's ez80 ASM which is very similar to regular z80. So the guide may still be useful to you. There are definitely differences, so I'd suggest browsing the forum for others who tried to learn ez80 ASM. I'd also suggest looking at ASM projects that are open source. I.E. Attack of the Snails or Cesium.

If you're into BASIC programming, I'd suggest checking out TI Basic Developer; it's an amazing resource and I still use it, even 3 years after starting BASIC.

Sprites are basically pictures that you can do things with i.e. move it around the screen, resize it, etc. SAX is a chat for this site, ask quick questions there that aren't post worthy or just say hi. But don't talk to Nikkybot or, well, just don't. Razz Anyways, SAX connects to IRC which was basically the Discord of 20 years ago, or so I'm told.
If I understand your description of what you want, that's totally possible. You should ask that on your thread rather than here though. Smile

Welcome to Cemetech, good luck learning ASM.
Hello, Schizal! To answer some of your questions (or just my own opinion)

Learn TI-83 Plus Assembly is a guide to learning assembly for the z80 processor. The z80 is used in the TI-83, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus SE, and TI-84 Plus CSE (with some modifications). The TI-84 CE (the one you have) does have a different processor, the ez80, which I agree, should have a similar guide, but there are scattered resources which you can use (I haven't looked that hard tho) to piece together a working knowledge of the language (or you could ask some of the masters how they learned)

A sprite is a small image (essentially) that is drawn all at once instead of using a bunch of commands to get a complex design. It is typically on the order of 8x8 to 64x64 pixels.

SAX (I'm not sure what it stands for) is the little chat client on the left of the page (if your browser is wide enough) where people can talk and bots announce things like new posts and new members. I think it uses an IRC channel.

Cheers, and I hope you enjoy Cemetech!

EDIT: aw dang ya beat me to it @TheLastMillennial
Hi, I just created my first TI-BASIC program that actually does something (tests if a number is prime, prints factors if not) a few days ago. That got me interested in TI programming, and so I decided to join this forum. I've been programming in Python for a few years, and enjoy learning about computing in general.
KermMartian wrote:
I've noticed a lot of new users coming in and lurking on SAX. Come on, make a post and introduce yourself! What brings you to Cemetech? Are you a programmer, or are you looking to learn? If so, what language(s) do you know or want to learn? Are you a BASIC coder, an ASM coder, or perhaps even an Axe coder? If not, what can we help you with? Do you know about Doors CS/Doors CSE? What kind of calculator do you have? Do you have computer programming experience? Any cool projects you have going?

Whatever you think would be good for us to know about you as a brand-new Cemetechian, we'd love to hear.
Found my old account and managed to reactivate it, so not necessarily new, but regardless: I can code in TI-Basic and I like sharing ideas and helping others
Hi there, I’m bikmin, and I enjoy being bad at ICE, though I would like to improve! I’m a bit lost around here but from what I’ve seen there’s a lot of impressive and cool stuff! Smile
Hello! I'm Simon and I live in the Netherlands. I made an account to learn a bit about basic, and later maybe a bit about ez80 and C, and maybe I will upload a basic program sometimes in the future. Smile
Howdy y'all. ICE is my new (not really new) thing! Programming Forever!!!
Hello everyone ! I'm BushBush Saur, and I have a TI-84 Plus CE and a TI Nspire CX CAS. I'm really interested in the TI Nspire CX II CAS, and I already know algebra, geometry, trig, and some calculus. I'm only 10, however. Oh, and I'm also pretty good at TI-BASIC, and have made several cool programs (only to be lost with an accidental RAM reset.)
Howdy folks. This is not my first time here, I discovered these hallowed halls a few years ago when I began college algebra at age 51. I purchased a TI-84 Plus CE with the budget I could afford on a sale for right around a hundred USD.

Today I am taking calculusII, physicsI and an online statics class. For some reason my online instructor forbade use of my TI-84+CE (any graphing calculator that has a color screen) so I just purchased a used TI-83Plus but it has the black plague.

Perhaps I should just learn abacus or a slide rule....
I don't know what 75% of the TI-BASIC commands do, so I came here to learn.

Right now, I'm working on a very luck-based simple basketball game and need help debugging.
Hello! I started experimenting with TI-BASIC on the TI-84 Plus CE a couple years ago, and continued to use it until I tried to make a platformer, which couldn't make it over 6fps. That was when I knew I needed to start learning assembly, and I tried to do that, but found it was going to take quite a long time (time I didn't really have). Luckily, I found the nifty ICE compiler by PT_, which (for the moment) covers all my needs and more! I find it very intuitive and was pleased to find I didn't need to put much time into learning syntax, which was a big plus for me. Anyways, that's what I'm working on right now (specifically game design with ICE). So, if you have any requests/recommendations, let me know!

I have been programming calculators for a while now, ever since my dad told me you could play games on a TI-82. Since then I have gotten an '84 Plus Silver and have learned TI Basic and experimented in Axe and Assembly. I'm hoping to continue expanding my knowledge of other languages here, as well as post about my Basic projects.
I never introduced myself, so I should probably do that now.
I have some experience with TI-BASIC and make programs using it for fun, I like the idea of a portable device I can program on. Although I've always used the home screen with TI-BASIC, I've been trying to make better programs by using the graphing screen. Recently I've been learning assembly (ez80) so I can make more powerful programs. I've made a lot of progress on learning assembly but still am nowhere near finished.
I'll still always enjoy TI-BASIC as a portable programming language though.
My goal of learning assembly is to program a TI-BASIC IDE tuned to my preferences.

Programming on a calculator isn't the only programming experience I have, here is a javascript game I made (Not even close to finished).

You may think the arrow missing the beast in the screenshot is a glitch, but that's actually because it only checks for collision with the legs/bottom part of the entities.

Also, Mateo says he only likes people who are competent, so by that logic I'm his mortal enemy.
slimeenergy wrote:
Also, Mateo says he only likes people who are competent, so by that logic I'm his mortal enemy.

You made it worse for yourself by programming in javascript. Welcome.
Hey guys. Joined here a few days ago. Only programming experience I have is Ti-Basic. I am in the process of learning what all the commands do. This is my First forum to join.
I am relatively new to calculator programming and am getting into this as my main hobby. The previous languages I have worked in are python2.7, python3, c, c++, and website developing.

I have a website that I coded myself and it's terrible: (please allow sound to be output from this site in site settings)

I have a personal website I made with google sites:

My OS of choice is either Ubuntu, Fedora, or macOS.

I have a Ti-81, although the screen is broke, Ti-82, Ti-83+, Ti-84+SE, Ti-73, Ti-84+CE, Voyage 200 (my main calc).

I am currently working on an analog clock for Ti-68ks. See here:

I am looking forward to meeting all y'all on this lovely forum.
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