As per the title, verizon the company did something with Minecraft today which I was told should go here. They made a "working" cell phone and video calling within Minecraft, of which the info can be found here:
I saw this too, it looks interesting. I was glad to see that they open-sourced most (all?) of the code to make it work:
Looks...weird? I don't know why a cell phone company would go into Minecraft to do this. Verizon keeps getting weirder and weirder...

And I'm on Verizon...

Second thoughts after I saw the demos: It actually looks really cool, but it's still weird why a wireless company did this. Verizon should also make a mod that actually realistically simulates phone calls/video calls and web browsing at semi-full-res with realistic cell phone coverage, that doesn't make huge phones.

It's cool though.
Wat? What's in this for Verizon?

EDIT: Are we even sure that this is really Verizon themselves?
You guys should check out SethBling on youtube if you haven't already, he made a contraption that allowed a video call to be made from phone to MC
umm... this was like 4 years ago, so if you really want to discuss this, consider making a new thread. Also, I went to the GitHub link, and apparently, this project was discontinued...
Also, the thing SethBling showcased was literally the same mod.

Still a really weird marketing stunt, guess they were trying to get brand recognition with kids about to get their first phone by going through Minecraft YouTubers?
Man I wish Seth still uploaded Minecraft
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