I'm really an oldtimer with my programming. I started out with Fortran IV in 1969 (college mainframes) and took COBOL and even taught myself a strange report generating language (RPG???)

But my programming took off in 1977 when I got my first microcomputer, the TRS-80 Model One Level 1, just 16K of memory. I tend to "think" in BASIC. Sometimes, I even dream that I'm writing programs (I once wrote a 4-dimensional maze program during a dream, then woke up and used the dream logic to write a 3D maze program).

I recently got the Casio fx CG50, so I thought it was time to teach myself a new language, so I'm trying to use Python (micropython) on it, but I have not yet figured out how to use arrays. "Import Array as arr" is not supported, nor, apparently is using List##[n] or p[n]. I have not yet found a good reference list.

1. Is there a good source showing all the commands that can be used on the CG50? I'm jealous of that Chapter 12 of the CG500 manual. They should have done the same thing for the CG50, with a separate such list in the Python chapter.

2. I heard that the HP Prime also supports Python, but I don't have any idea where to go with it. A reference list for it and pages showing writing a simple program would let me try to attack it there.

3. Any recommendations for a nice set of INTRO pages?

4. Even a tutorial would be nice.

Old timer (67 now)
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