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Apparently I haven't been keeping this sufficiently updated! There have been four new episodes since I last posted in this thread:

Episode 20 took us along the New Haven to New York corridor with a P32AC-DM, with some rather amusing results when Train Simulator didn't agree that we should follow a sane route:

In Episodes 21 through 23, I drove a custom model of the CPRR1 private train car/locomotive on various routes. In Episode 21, I hadn't gotten its motive power working yet, so an Acela powercar pushed from the back of the train as we traversed the ECML (and might have encountered a problem at the end of the route). In Episodes 22 and 23, it pulled an Amfleet consist under its own power on the New York to New Haven route and from London to Brighton.

And I continued to fail to update this! The season ended with 9 more Train Simulator 2017 episodes, for a grand total of a whopping 32. I've now started Train Simulator 2018 series that I'll try to keep updated, time permitting, this year.

TS2017 Ep 24/KermMartian Live #13: NY Penn to Summit

TS2017 Ep 25/KermMartian Live #14: Summit to Dover

TS2017 Ep 26/KermMartian Live #15: UK Gala: Commuter Trio

TS2017 Ep 27: Train Meditation

TS2017 Ep 28/KermMartian Live #16: Class 377 Merger

TS2017: Train Simulator Repaint/Reskin Tutorial [Ep 29]

TS2017 Ep 30/KermMartian Live #20: CPRR HST ECML Express

German ICE-T Speeding [TS2017 Ep 31/KermMartian Live #21]

Welsh GWR Makeup Service [TS2017 Ep 32/KermMartian Live #22]
Whelp, I have not posted here in quite a while; I'll have to fix that. I apologize to anyone who tried to join my stream last night, as it seems I was having some internet difficulties.

It should have been an easy stopping service from Brighton to Gatwick Airport. A warm summer breeze gently fanned the trees, operators heading the other way waved in greeting, but up the tracks, tragedy awaited. Join me for a (not actually) tense commuter trip towards London in Train Simulator 2019.

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