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I've learned a lot about programming calculators on Cemetech, and hope to apply it to learning how to program android devices. But frankly, I don't know where or how to start. I've heard that Java is the main language for it, and Kotlin is a rising new language that can also be used. Do any of you guys have any suggestions on where to start/what resources to use so that I can start making apps?
Look at the fairly comprehensive Android documentation?
OldNewTimer wrote:
Do any of you guys have any suggestions on where to start/what resources to use so that I can start making apps?

I have no tips for choosing a language but tackle this by making smaller goals for yourself. When I set out on a project I break it down to the simplest form first then build out from there. Say I want to make a game where you control a character who needs to collect objects before they can leave a dungeon.

First, I'd start on movement. Learning how to control a square box around the screen.
Second, I'd work on collision detection. Ensuring the box can't go through walls.
Third, I'd implement one way walls. Such as jumping off a small cliff.

Now that I have the very basic implementation of my game I'll work on character interactions, such as picking up items and attacking things. And eventually having those things attack back.

Once that's somewhat accomplished I'd finally figure out how to procedurally generate a maze, or at the very least a series of rooms around a start and end point. Populate rooms with random enemies, chests and, other things. Only then would I work on fleshing it all out and making the game more robust by adding in visuals and animation. I'd spend time polishing the inventory screen, the battle screen, etc.

Don't look at this as a huge project.Maybe instead of taking a larger project with smaller projects work on smaller and specific games. Make a Snake clone. And then a game of Memory. Lastly a game where you design your own monster for battle.

Snake could easily teach you movement and picking up items.
Memory can serve as the basis for your inventory screen.
The monster creator and battle could be the character creation and battle screens.
I am newbie, hope to learn more about making app at Cemetech. Help me bros. Thks
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