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I recently got a TI-84 Plus CE, which I ROM dumped for an emulator as well, and I encountered things that I kinda wondered about:

So, the key code for accessing the Cesium application is [On][Prgm]. But once, I hit [On][Stat] by accident, and apparently that shut down the calculator; turning it back on flashes the word "Password:" and clears the home screen. Can anyone further explain that?

Also, Cesium has a backup RAM feature, and I use it quite a bit. However, I tested on an emulator that instead of a RAM clear, the OS can restart with an infinite "Error: Memory" throwup. Pressing [2nd][On] turns the calculator off, but it would not turn on again. Is this a bug with Cesium 3.0.6 or the OS itself?

I was using 5.3.0 for the OS.
Reread the Readme for the password issue.

I don't quite understand your second issue. Are you saying that a program crashed and sent you in an infinite loop? Or did it just randomly occur? If it randomly occurred then it's most likely a Cesium bug, but unless you can give us steps to reproduce the bug, there's nothing we can do too fix it. If it crashed while running a program, it's the programs fault. Razz
P.S. Do a RAM reset to turn the calculator back on.
I've actually seen the ram reset/ loop thing, it can happen with a variety of programs, not just ones that are infinite loops. Even programs that don't crash on the homescreen with no RAM backup (i.e. BASIC programs) do that too. It might have been fixed in the newer versions of Cesium, although idk about that...
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