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After just over a year of this incarnation of the site being active (I put it online at on March 14, 2005, 300 users have registered for the site. A large percentage are active posters on the forum, and another big chunk regularly visit to check out the latest features and projects. In the last two months or so, I've noticed a particular uptick in the number of posts, and the average daily postcount has passed 70 posts per day. About 36,500 posts have been made between the last two versions of the Cemetech forum, and Doors CS and SourceCoder promise to attract many more users. I've had a lot of schoolwork in the past few weeks, so I'm afraid that development has lapsed on some of my projects, but when school ends for the year in mid-May, I'll be able to restart heavy development on my two most major projects and a whole variety of smaller, secondary endeavors. Many of my regulars have been helping me to test SAX - the Simultaneous Asynchronous eXchange, an upcoming phpBB mod I'm coding to allow instant AJAX chat within the entire site. I am also working on a module that will connect SAX and any IRC channel(s) of the admin's choice for full multi-media communications. Look for the first beta release of this soon!
Thank you as always, Dan. Yup, I'm quite proud of how the usercount has shot up lately.
No prob. I have also noticed a slight increase of activity on my forums as well. Smile
Goos stuff! I must say, the ASM/C resource page is incredibly helpful. Smile
work on DCS6... Smile
Happy 400th post! Don't worry, I am. Smile
yeh, how goes the progress
Ton of work = not a whole lot of progress made.
I know what you mean. I havent been able to do anything on my projects since about December. Sad
After I hand in my 14-page Chem lab report today, I have another DLD project for next Monday, a PChem exam Tuesday, a Physics exam Thursday, an essay due April 4th, ..... Sad
ouch... That is why I went Tech school, no 4-5 yr crap for me...
Yeah, but I get a nice prestigious degree when I'm done. Smile
Yeah, but I got a Bachleors, or Associates, I can't remember which one is higher... It doesn't matter in my field though, as the piece of paper doesn't mean all that much...
Bachelors is higher. What field was it in?:
Automotive Management... Kind of a waste of money though...
Huh, never heard of that one before. Say, should I split this topic in two, or wait to see if it goes back ontopic?
Let's force this back on topic.
So I found it kinda interesting to see how average words per post compared to number of posts. I for one have been making an effort to put more content into my posts in order to raise my average words/post. It seems to me that the higher that value is, the more quality you tend to have, because you're either asking questions with more detail, stating something with good detail, or explaining something thoroughly and clearly.
And what does this accomplish for the non-word/post-caring of us? I for one feel the need to express myself in short, concise sentences that do not need to be read multiple times to understand their meaning. I do, however, understand where you are coming from on the idea about post quality, however I was under the impression that I joined a calculator forum, not a word-counting one.
Laughing Just Joking
Interesting point, though.
true, I seem to be a short poster, and I should try and get some length to it also. But there are also way to long posts also
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