Trying to use the TI-84 Plus emulator.
TILP won't unpack and the Windows 10 C-Prompt Command won't go any further than the "USAGE" showing the files that are supposed to go in the new .rom created file.
Step by step clear instructions needed.
Thanks in advance.
What are you using to try to generate the ROM image? It sounds from your description that you're using rom8x 0.3.3. For reference, assuming that that's correct and that you're following the step-by-step clear instructions in the README, at what point in the steps are you stuck?
Hi Kerm:
Thanks for your prompt response.
After transferring the calculator info to the computer goes into a folder rom8x-0.3.2.
The problem comes at the very last step after instructing the computer with the Command Prompt to combine the files, it repeatedly instructs to do it again with a "USAGE" instruction.

I can send a screen print providing this does not break any software transfer rules.

Thanks again.

MACF24, sending a screenshot does not break any rules. I recommend imgur to host images, which you can then link to from here.

It sounds like you're on the step where, in the command prompt, you need to use one of these three forms?


    rom8x 83PBE -u ti83plus_1.19.8xu
    rom8x 84CSE -u Ti84Plus_OS.8Cu
    rom8x 84PBE -1 MyDump1.8xv -2 MyDump2.8xv -u 84pbe.8xu
Correct. After placing the running command this happens:

I hope this helps

Thanks again
You can't have spaces in the filename dude. Otherwise it sees that as another argument.
One way you can fix that is rename the file to not have spaces. Your other option is to put quotes around the argument:

rom8x 84PBE -u "TI84Plus_OS255 (1).8Xu"
The quotes trick finally did it.
Thanks a bunch.
Have a great day and a wonderful Holiday Season.
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