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Gravatar, standing for globally recognized avatar, is an avatar that follows you from site to site, automatically being imported when you create an account on a site that supports it with a username that matches your Gravatar username. This is so universal that this is the first site that Iíve found that doesnít use it (even Omnimaga has it). I think this would be a great addition to Cemetech.

They have designed the API to be very easy to implement (it requires no authentication) and they include code examples for many different languages. It shouldnít be that hard to add.
Personally, I'm happy as it currently is. Cemetech is fairly self-contained, which is a good thing.

As a web user, I've found "features" that link your account on different sites together kind of creepy. For example I've had my avatar for an ancient Wikihow account suddenly pop up on my school gitlab.

And as a web developer, I'm always sceptical of adding another external dependency into any project I do. Gravatar may be a big thing that'll probably still exists 20 years from now, but still, It adds extra unnecessary complexity.
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