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Hello, my name is Megan. Honestly, I know little to nothing about calculators. But I came on here because I have a question for my broken TI 84 Plus CE and nothing has been helping me with this. I need my calculator to be fixed by tomorrow for my test!! I was just wondering if anyone would possibly be able to help???? Neutral
What seems to be the issue?
I was deleting things on my calculator to clear up some memory because I didn't have enough left on it. So, I think I must have accidentally deleted something important because I tried to cancel it and a glitch screen popped up on my calculator. It then started flashing white. So I reset my calculator and now a screen popped up that says:
Waiting... C
Please install operating system now.
I downloaded the OS system on my computer, but my TI Connect started saying that my computer wasn't responding properly. It sent me some CE Bundle but I have no idea how to download it because my calculator isn't responding.
It says something like Press [clear] to clear memory, right? if you don't have that much to lose, press clear, and after it finishes, try loading the OS. If it fails, do it multiple times again before trying.
Be sure that the cable is all the way plugged into the calculator, or try finding a different cable. Then you can download the bundle file and drag/drop it on the calculator in the interface from TI Connect CE. Makes sure you you have TI Connect CE, not TI Connect.
I tried a few more cables but no luck. I am on the TI Connect CE, and now it's a screen on my computer that says
Uh Oh!
Your calculator is not responding properly. We recommend sending the OS or CE Bundle to your calculator.
I clicked on the link and it opened a file that had the files on it, but the open button isn't letting me click it, only the cancel button.
You need to drag and drop the file. You do not want to open the file.

Here, this should help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HlPgS0elRM
It's fixed!!! Thank you all for your help!!
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