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Hi everyone,

I've noticed that my TI-89 Titanium is a bit laggy when turning on. After pressing on, it sometimes shows a blank screen with "Busy" indicator for a couple of seconds after showing the apps icons, sometimes it shows the apps but still "Busy" and freezes for a couple of seconds. Is that normal? Because I don't recall having that when bought it brand new just a few weeks ago.

I've been trying to update the calculator using the TI Software Update app on my Mac and the process gets stuck at Sending app to the calculator.

Can anyone explain?

My TI-89 Titanium takes roughly a second to start responding to keystrokes when turned on for some reason; it's been that way as long as I can recall (though my original TI-89 did not exhibit this behavior). It's never been more than about a second, though. I have Apps Desktop turned off, but when I turn it on, I don't see a blank screen; the apps appear immediately. But I also don't have very many apps installed. I'm not sure if the number of installed apps has anything to do with it. (When I first bought it years ago, it was loaded with a ton of apps, but the OS also randomly locked up constantly during normal operation until I uninstalled most of them, then that problem went away.)

I can't speak for the update, as I'm not familiar with TI Connect (I'm on Linux and normally use TILP) and because I haven't done an 89t update in ages (because TI has never actually released an OS update for it in years).
deep sleep ?
Both this unexpected delay and the inability to send the OS upgrade to the calculator could have the same root cause: a dirty / encumbered, or damaged, link port. Probably the legacy, 2.5mm proprietary stereo jack one.

Dear Friend: your idea could work on newer calculator series equipped with rechargeable batteries, such as the TI-eZ80, Nspire and Prime series, where it's dubbed e.g. "ship mode". However, there's no deep sleep mode on the TI-68k series Smile
It takes a full reboot to come out of the Nspire's deep sleep mode, it's therefore very slow: dozens of seconds.
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