I've noticed that recently there have been quite a few new users necroposting to old topics which are no longer relevant.

Perhaps for topics with no new posts in the past three months, instead of a text box to start a reply, there could be a notice that says something like:
"This topic has been inactive for an extended period of time. Adding a reply to an inactive topic is known as necroposting and is discouraged. Please carefully consider whether your response is still relevant. If so, click here to post a reply."
Although it doesn't bother me too much, but I think this could be useful. Especially on mobile where the dates don't appear next to the posts.
That would be helpful, as I dealt with that earlier.
Another idea: automatically lock topics after a period of inactivity.
I don't see why necroppsting is so ostracized.

The problem with most necroposts isn't that they are posts on old threads, but rather because they are slightly of topic to that thread. If the posts are on topic and bring something new up why shouldn't people be allowed to make them? Plus it would be a pain if I had to ask the admins to unlock a thread that was 2 years old that I had made wanted to make an 'update' post on.
I don't think that posting on an older topic should be prevented outright. There are a lot of valid uses for posts on old topics: Updates/bug reports/other feedback on old projects, threads in the general thread with a specific purpose (if nobody posted in, say, the Candid Photos thread for a year, I don't think anyone would have an issue with someone posting there after that period of time), and new information being added to a technical thread to keep things organized.

Necroposts are only annoying because much of the time they contain little relevant information. For example, posts which provide a solution to a insignificant problem a long time after such a solution is needed, or posts in reply to problems which were difficult when posed but have a simple solution now. Both of these cases are probably caused by a lack of awareness of the date the last post was made, which a warning would help prevent.

Timestamps on mobile would probably also help with this.
commandblockguy wrote:
I've noticed that recently there have been quite a few new users necroposting to old topics which are no longer relevant.

It's because Halloween is approaching.
I suspect it's good enough to expect people to display enough maturity to not necropost unless they have a very good reason, and to use all our normal techniques to gently guide members who aren't contributing constructively to improve.
Yeah I agree. That said, with the fact that forums are aging, I wonder if using a forum properly is gonna be a lost art in the future, like not mass-highlighting an entire room of 40+ people for no reason (thanks Discord).
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