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Since this is my first post on Cemetech, Iíll introduce myself.

Iím Connor. I got my TI 84 around half a year ago, and was suggested by a friend of mine to learn TIBasic. Since then, Iíve been making small programs for fun, but nothing big enough that itís worth mentioning online.

With that out of the way, let me explain my issue.

Although I only program in Basic, I still enjoy downloading various Assembly programs. However, Iíve noticed a lot of them just donít work as intended. They appear to have corrupted and broken graphics. Through the mess, I can still tell the programs function properly, they just donít display properly. Its not the programs themselfs, as Iíve tested the same files on my friends calculator and they work just fine. Iíve tried searching online about this issue, yet I found nothing. Iíve even gone as far as trying to reinstall the os.

Does anybody have experience with this issue? Iíd like to avoid needing to buy another calculator if possible. Thanks in advance.
Did you get your calculator used? If so, the ribbon cable may be degrading. Do you notice any other parts of the calculator that don't display correctly? If so, that's probably your issue. You can find a topic on fixing that here. I dunno what else it could be besides a defective part (granted I have a CE so I'm not too experienced in the monochrome field)
What you are seeing is the failure of people who developed using ION, a sort of assembly wrapper back in the day. Many programs were created with ION, but it contains a critical bug in ionfastcopy, which copies the buffer to the screen. It does not properly sync with the calculator lcd, and so if your hardware lcd isn't fast enough this is generally what causes the graphics to be totally glitchy. Sadly there's probably not a lot of interest for developers to fix this, and there is no way to fix it besides replacing the entire lcd which is no small feat.

Sorry for the unhelpful reply Sad
Try running ALCDFIX before running one of the problematic assembly programs.
Seconding ALCDFIX as the usual repair for this issue.
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