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I have a question...

Will you be including a feature to embed the image in a ICE program on calc? Like a copy and paste function to auto create code for a users ICE program? This would be very helpful as you could make settings adjustable. Like you could adjust the resolution (width and height) and that factors into the embedable code.

EDIT: Okay thanks!
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Why are you splitting this into two images with two appvars. Just use one.

1. It's hard to guarantee that the image will fit in only one app var
2. ICE can only display sprites 255x255 large and PT_ doesn't want to make it 2 bytes.
3. I've got this far and things are working well so I'm not really keen on changing a big portion of my code for allowing single app vars.
Hope that clarified things Smile

Lax18: yes, I hope to eventually add code for other programs to use. However it's not on my priority list for now, I want to get the entire program running smoothly first, so it'll have to wait.
So it's been a little bit, I just got back from vacation. I've got more problems of course.

My PC application for some reason keeps reducing the quality of images even if it's not necessary so the images don't look as nice. I'll be working on that. I also want to add GIF support soon but I'll probably wait until I get everything else working.

My ICE program isn't scaling the picture very good. It's taking the darkest parts of the image and turning them white for some reason. It also looks like it's trying to rotate the image even though I've set the degrees to 0. (ignore the numbers)

for comparison here's the original image.

My program is also crashing when it encounters a det(1 I... will try to fix that but I don't understand why it's crashing there.

Unrelated, when I clicked 'reply to topic' Cemetech did something weird, it's not doing this to other topics but this one for me. I guess I've got to report this as well...
Where is your code, and why is it not on github?
My code is on SC, my laptop, and my calculator. It's not on github because I never got around to it. I can try to work on that tomorrow. Smile
Guess what? I never put it on Github. Rolling Eyes
I'm such a horrible person.

Anyways, PT_, Lax18, and Beck-something-something helped me get my program to stop crashing! I also finally got my program to detect all the images! It wasn't working before because I had a Lbl in the wrong place. It's not displaying the images though, just unmapped memory. It's in the wrong place, I'll have to adjust my math for that. I hope to get an image of it here soon!

EDIT: Small news, but good news, I think I have the thumbnail math all figured out! It'll need more testing, but I think it'll work!
Another log, yay. Everything's broken.
So apparently my thumbnail placement math was not correct, but that should be an easy fix.
My program still keeps displaying unmapped memory instead of pictures once the first 1.5 or 2.5 of the pictures have been displayed.
My C# code also isn't converting both haves of the images to the app vars the first time. It only works when you run it twice.

So 3 issues, all 3 are required for the project to be considered a success.
Some better news! PT_ helped me get my program to not display unmapped memory! Among several issues, the main one was I wasn't seeking correctly.
I really haven't worked on this much since last post, but now that school is starting up, I have motivation to put aside some work and do this instead. Razz

Although the picture placement still isn't correct and the images still aren't quite scaled correctly, I'm pleased to present the first thumbnails for the project!

(I don't know if I can fix the random white stuff, it's not in the full sized image)

EDIT: I'm working on getting the code on GitHub. I think it worked? Not sure yet.

TLM 900th post!

I made a simple sprite that'll appear when you only have half an image or it fails to open!
Quick update for today.
I can confirm that the thumbnails looking weird isn't my fault, I changed the code a little bit so it'd display the full picture and they looked gorgeous! I also fixed my math for good! I even released my C# code on GitHub. I'm still working on getting my images to be even high quality, but I'll have to experiment more with that later.
I'm just happy things are finally working like they're suppose to. (Besides the ScaledSprite_NoClip command, but that's not my fault and it's not program-breaking so it's ok for now. Razz )
TheLastMillennial wrote:

I'm just happy things are finally working like they're suppose to. (Besides the ScaledSprite_NoClip command, but that's not my fault and it's not program-breaking so it's ok for now. Razz )

Can't wait for a release!

Also: ~blamept_
What do you mean by an issue with ScaledSprite_NoClip?
MateoConLechuga wrote:
What do you mean by an issue with ScaledSprite_NoClip?

EDIT: Sorry! I must be dyslexic. I'm using RotatedScaledSprite_NoClip(! Rolling Eyes
There are still issues with it which I have below.

For my thumbnails I'm using that command. Sometimes it works correctly but other times it just doesn't.

The biggest issue is the color weirdness. Some dark colors become transparent for no reason. You can especially see this when looking at my cake thumbnail:
RotatedScaledSprite_NoClip() vs Sprite_NoClip() (Please pardon the background image, just focus on the cake Razz)

It sometimes crops the image to the correct size, however it sometimes fails to crop (typically the left half of the image) correctly. I can confirm that they aren't just spaced incorrectly, when I get them to be directly side-by-side, the halves don't match up. Refer to the calculator thumbnail; see how the CE is cut in half?

It also seems to not resize the image correctly occasionally. It seems to kinda resize it, but sometimes it seems to zoom in on a specific point. Refer to the lake thumbnail:
RotatedScaledSprite_NoClip() vs Sprite_NoClip()

Unrelated: I know the images aren't quite HD, that's an issue with my C# program. I'll be working on fixing that soon.

I'll PM you the code and the images I used, though this may be an issue with ICE and not C.

: So my problem is, RotatedScaledSprite_NoClip doesn't like rectangular sprites. I can't believe I didn't see that in the documentation. Fortunately Mateo and Runer112 are willing to make a routine that'll allow the scaling of rectangular sprites but without rotation support, which would be amazing! Unfortunately, this means proper thumbnails will not be coming until the routine is finished. On the bright side though, I can now focus on things I know I can fix! I'll probably mess with making the images more HD. Again, thanks to Mateo and Runer112 for their willingness to help me!
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