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Perhaps this would only be useful to me, but I would like to be notified when a post is edited in one of the topics that I follow.

As an author of threads (I know, arent we all Wink), I want people following my thread to get notifications when I edit posts to add progress updates.

The same goes for me watching other threads. I want to be notified if content is changed.

Perhaps this could be a seperate option in the profile settings menu, but I would like to see it happen.


EDIT: In response to c4ooo's post, I think the notifications should follow the same function as post notifications. You are notified once per post edited until you log back in. I agree, I do not want to recieve 5 emails over gramatical errors.

There could also be an option to notify watchers on a per post edit basis.
I think the problem is that most edits occur soon after the original post, in order to fix small mistakes in grammar, formating, wording, or just to add a small detail the author forgot. Its common to see someone make a detailed post and then edit it 2-4 times to improve it, and i wouldn't want to be notified 5 times for basically the same content (which happens a lot in SAX). In short, getting notifications about young posts being edited isn't worth it because likely no significant change was made, and editing old posts isn't worth it because a new post can be made.

Edit: I actually edited this post because there was a "be" where there shouldn't have been :V
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