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Do you like those tunes?
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 50%  [ 3 ]
Not really
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It's terrible! Stop making music!!!111
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Total Votes : 6

So I've been bored and composed this small chiptune album in BeepBox over a few months.

BeepBox stores its data in the hash part of the URL, so here's the "source code" of all the tunes:
bleepy: https://beepbox.co/#6n31sbkbl00e0ft7m0a7g0fj7i0r1o3210T0w1f1d1c0h0v0T0w1f1d1c0h0v0T0w0f1d1c0h0v0T2w1d1v0b4i4i4i4x8z8h4h4x4x4h4h4h4i4x4h4h4y8y8y8zcPcp21HFzxxEEE3m6yyyi3hhhG3hhg613hhh9xEwat50o4cC6QcB0k4MaoW0Uz8Pj3zxbi82Cebl0idtgpa13k6h3r90aoD4q2d16wzE8Qk3E7hgh0
toh-loo-kah (the looped version, since I couldn't find the right one): https://www.beepbox.co/#6n31sbkbl00e04t6m3a7g0fj7i0r1o3210T0w1f1d1c0h0v0T0w1f1d1c0h0v0T0w1f1d1c0h0v0T2w4d1v0b4zhh4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4x4h4h4h4p1WFDT0kOcBtppIFFIAGaF7tplllljlANQRlRli8001jcUt0W1Qkq1Q3E7gc0
conjugate: https://www.beepbox.co/#6n31sbk9l00e0ftem0a5g0fj7i0r1o3210T0w1f1d1c0h0v0T0w8f1d1c0h0v0T1d1c0A1F0B0V1Q0000Pff00E0111T2w1d1v0b4i8i800g01004x0i40820zc0004h02c04zcPcN8z4P4p21oFDxOtc2CDVM6CGD4wapVb9QMaqvT0qqGsi0FDBYDj0FFU76U2os0O0p1qCn0a0p0q2UaoD5q2Kwd0q33E8Q4q280

What do you guys think?
I like it! Kind of makes me think of an arcade game or an annoying puzzle game.
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